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New Zealand Guide Book

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nigel Coventry South Pacific Media Services Ltd has been publishing Inside Tourism (IT) since January 1994 and now has 4,550 readers throughout the industry in New Zealand - including PM John Key - and also in 17 other countries.
IT is the...

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Freelance travel and food writer Karen Goa rides around on motorbikes and in classic cars, eats funky food (insects are off the menu) and finds out what ordinary folk all over the world are thinking. She's the author of...

Kate Gordon is a freelance writer who combines her love of cars, driving, food and beautiful landscapes to write informative, passionate articles on many aspects of travel in New Zealand.

With over 15 years of experience as a professional writer and...

On her eleventh birthday Liz’s grandmother gave her a book “Peoples of the World” and she remembers lying on the floor and studying the pictures, fascinated by the differences in the way people dressed and lived and she knew that,...

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McManus PR & Emarketing team Marketing services for tourism businesses
Public Relations –press releases, media familiarisations and media liaison
E-marketing services - Google Adwords, SEO and SEM
Marketing Communications – copy for websites, brochures and all media
Business information – developments, announcements, profiles.

Specialising in travel, food and lifestyle magazines

Glacier Country A well-travelled writer and photographer with a keen interest in the outdoors, people and places, Roy Sinclair is able to provide stories and images that are decidedly Kiwiana.