Worldchinging Inspiration

From our December 2006 issue: If you are looking for a bit of inspiration for where your business should be heading it would be hard to go past

This fantastic website works from the premise that the tools, models and ideas for building a better future lie all around us.

"That plenty of people are working on tools for change, but the fields in which they work remain unconnected. … That another world is not just possible, it's here. We only need to put the pieces together."

The site is loaded with links to (and analysis of) tools, models and ideas in everything from consumer consciousness to a new vision for industry; non-toxic homes to refugee shelters; microfinance to effective philanthropy; socially responsible investing to starting a green business; citizen media to human rights; ecological economics to climate change.

The website's business section works from the premise that business doesn't have to be destructive.

"At its core, business is about livelihoods and service: providing for our needs by providing what others need.

The website says that increasingly, all sorts of people are "realising that we can remake business to truly serve the public good - and make a lot of money in the process".

"We can build businesses that embrace sustainability, openness, and fairness not as a sideline ethical consideration, but as the path to profits. Indeed, millions of people are involved in efforts to capture the profit that's available through healing the planet."

The site's authors have also released a 600 page book called Worldchanging: A Users Guide for the 21st Century which they describe as a groundbreaking compendium of the most innovative solutions, ideas and inventions emerging today for building a sustainable, live-able, prosperous future.

Posted: Wednesday 24 December 2008