Real Journeys group of companies has a new corporate brand

 Real Journeys group of companies has a new corporate brand

Family-owned Real Journeys has announced the establishment of a new corporate identity called ‘Wayfare’ to represent its tourism companies in the international market.

Wayfare was chosen as the new name for its historical association and link back to Real Journeys (wayfare: to travel or the act of journeying), it also identifies with New Zealand as a nation of wayfarers and travellers, and ensures the group is open to future opportunities.

A media release from the company says that Wayfare will make it easier for trade customers to do business with the group’s five brands; Real Journeys, Cardrona Alpine Resort, Go Orange, International Antarctic Centre and Canyon Food & Brew Co.

Wayfare chief executive Richard Lauder, who was appointed chair of Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) last month, says the new company is the natural next step in the continued growth and success of the group.

“Real Journeys as both ‘parent company’ and our largest ‘operating company’ sometimes created confusion. We wanted better clarity for our business customers, suppliers and our staff,” says Lauder.

There will be no change for the retail customers of the five brands. “Each of our companies has their own distinctive, uniquely kiwi brands and we’re proud of them. They will retain their autonomy to focus on their operations and domestic market sales. The Wayfare team will only handle international sales.

“We are in the process of trialling new technology to improve all our booking processes to eventually make Wayfare an easy ‘one-stop shop’ for trade,” he says.

Across the seasons, the Wayfare group of companies employs 1000 - 1500 staff. Less than one hundred (mostly head office and shared services staff) have transferred from Real Journeys to Wayfare. They provide all the brands with specialised and centralised business services, including IT, international sales, marketing, corporate communications and finance.

There have been no redundancies as a result of the restructure. Real Journeys director of operations Paul Norris will lead Real Journeys as its general manager. He has worked in leadership positions for Real Journeys for the last 25 years.

Posted: Wednesday 17 October 2018