Easy to use site for tourism data coming soon

A new partnership between Tourism New Zealand and Figure.NZ will provide a range of tourism data in one location for the tourism industry and investors to access and use.

 A media release from Tourism NZ says the website will present arrivals, market and spend data in an "easily accessible, visual format, giving users the ability to simply search and view related tourism information.  This is complemented by Tourism New Zealand’s existing suite of market and visitor insights".

 “New Zealand’s visitor economy offers incredible opportunities for New Zealand and our communities if managed well,” says Stephen England-Hall, Tourism NZ CEO.

 “Using quality data and insights is key to achieving this, enabling the sector and wider New Zealand to make informed business and investment decisions.

 “We’re excited to be able to provide this to industry and to the regions that are looking to maximise the benefits of tourism.”

 Figure.NZ will join Tourism New Zealand at the upcoming Tourism New Zealand Roadshow in Taupō, Auckland, West Coast and Queenstown to promote tourism data and seek feedback on useful data for tourism.

 “We are thrilled to partner with Tourism New Zealand to get more relevant data freely in the hands of people throughout New Zealand,” says Lillian Grace, Figure.NZ Chief Executive.

 “These partnerships help us connect directly with those who will get value from becoming aware of what data exists and how it can be used.”

 Steve Hanrahan, Tourism Industry Aotearoa acting chief executive said the website will be a valuable and practical new resource for the tourism industry.

 “Insight is the lifeblood of the $36 billion New Zealand tourism industry and getting easy access to accurate, timely and relevant insight is crucial to support robust decision making. The one-stop-shop is an important step in advancing the industry’s insight framework, which aims to generate knowledge to support sustainable tourism.”

 Tourism New Zealand is the final member of Figure’s 20, a group of public, private and philanthropic organisations that have come together to support Figure.NZ in advancing the use of data in New Zealand.




Posted: Thursday 11 October 2018