• Facing limited revenue growth and increased customer expectations the flagship Rotorua tourism company invested, innovated, gave itself a major shake-up and did it so well it was awarded the Air New Zealand Supreme Tourism Industry Award 2015.
    Posted: Sunday 28 January 2018
  • As one tourism service provider quipped in late November when asked how things were going: “A bit flat still, but The Hobbit will save us all...” And that does seems to be the big hope out there.
    Posted: Friday 25 January 2013
  • 2012 The Year of ...
    Lawrence Smith suggests tourism operators consider an adaptive approach to marketing in 2012. One which allows for change and assimilation of new technologies and trends. Here, he outlines some of the trends.
    Posted: Saturday 24 December 2011
  • A recent survey of RWC2011 visitors is hugely useful in helping tourism operators plan for the influx.
    Posted: Friday 24 December 2010
  • How is a business owner to keep up? How do you figure out the difference between a fad and a major social swing? We asked five technology players for their take on what lies ahead in the technology arena in 2010.
    Posted: Sunday 24 January 2010
  • Yes, things don’t look good. In fact they probably look less than good. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t creative, innovative, clever things you can do to ensure your business is ready and able to leap on every opportunity.
    Posted: Thursday 24 September 2009
  • If you are looking for a bit of inspiration for where your business should be heading it would be hard to go past
    Posted: Wednesday 24 December 2008
  • Are you selling yourself short? Catharine Power says that if your brochure or website is dated and less than visually appealing, paying the price to refresh your sales collateral and make it sexier and more vibrant will pay off in the long run.
    Posted: Wednesday 24 September 2008
  • From our May 2008 issue: Creating something different can generate business opportunities and publicity for innovative operators. Yet does the industry really cater for innovation?
    Posted: Saturday 24 May 2008
  • From our March 2007 issue: The internet is now the number one information source for domestic tourists, according to the Regional Visitor Monitor (RVM) research released by the Ministry of Tourism at the end of February.
    Posted: Monday 24 December 2007